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We’re revolutionizing


How to use:

It’s simple, even for picky pets or pets who aren’t feeling their best! Simply lift their lips and stick the sheet onto their inner cheek or gums! That's it! The sheet will dissolve in seconds. 


Brain, Joint, and Skin Support

Scary Events: Thunderstorms, Fireworks, Parties, Vet Visits, Traveling, Etc.

Old dogs that are starting to slow down or have difficulty settling down at night. 


Made in small batches

in the USA

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high-quality, Hypoallergenic human-grade ingredients


formulated by veterinarians


the secret is simple


SimpliSolve CBD sheets are the first and only pet product with patented Excelasorb technology, allowing for rapid absorption and consistent, accurate dosing of CBD.


No more stinky oils or bad-tasting chews for picky pets.

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is simplisolve right for your pet?

did you answer "yes" to any of these questions?

the answer is simple, Simplisolve.

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Does your pet seem stiff after waking up from a nap?

Is she not as bright or active as she used to be?

Does he wake you up in the middle of the night with his excessive scratching or licking?

Does she hide when guests come over, or there’s a thunderstorm?

Have you tried other CBD products, but thought they were too expensive, messy, or ineffective?


Did your pet turn up his nose at CBD treats, or walk away from oil you put on his food?

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The dissolvable strips worked wonderfully for my four large breed dogs. Fireworks & thunderstorms are usually filled with lots of pacing & whining. This year, as soon as the New Years' fireworks started, I gave everyone a sheet, and shortly later everyone was sleeping or considerably more relaxed. I highly recommend and will continue to use SimpliSolve CBD Sheets!

holy b


Thank you so much Kenneth Smith for introducing me to SimpliSolve. I give it to my dog and it helps her so much! She's so much calmer and relaxed. If your dog has something going on like anxiety or itchiness, you should try this product!

Erika S

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